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FitCityLondon is all about healthy body, healthy mind, healthy all over! I deliver tailored personal training programmes that give individuals the ability and confidence to achieve their own goals with fun and SMART sessions

FitCity focuses on designing personal training sessions that:

Overhaul your body and lifestyle with FitCity.

  • Tone and shape through fat burn

  • Increase muscle mass

  • Enhance cardiovascular fitness

  • Improve body confidence

  • Release stress

  • Encourage healthy eating and lifestyle

Boxercise is my favourite workout - especially when mixed with additional resistance... 

I base my sessions on building up physical and mental strength. In about two weeks of training my clients say they feel fitter, stronger and more flexible.

It is as important as ever to stay fit and healthy both during pregnancy and after the baby is born. I can tailor sessions to ensure you are in great shape for both you and your baby.

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