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For all of my life I have been involved in sports, with a background in gymnastics, swimming, cardiovascular and resistance training. Keeping fit and maintaining a balanced diet has always had a positive impact on my life. I am constantly striving for perfection for my clients and myself.

Working in a corporate environment for almost a decade, I know the stress and rush of city life – and how important it is to exercise to release stress, stretch those muscles that have been sat on a chair all day, burn the calories consumed at your desk in front of a computer or in a rush at a sandwich bar, lose the fat from those unburned calories. There are plenty of issues work and social life brings but we can resolve them and reduce future issues with the correct fitness plan.

I can design you a personalized training plan and offer nutritional advice to help you achieve your optimum health and fitness targets to enable you get the results you want. 

What is vital is to understand your needs and personality so as to fashion a program that suits you. I achieved this through open communication and intuition. This will boost your confidence seeing the physical results of the training. I am confident you will see results in 6 weeks.

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