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Personal Training - Strength and Conditioning

Strength: the ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort

I base my training sessions on building up physical and mental strength. It has always been the first result that my clients achieve. In about two weeks of training their feedback is that they feel fitter, stronger and more flexible.


This is exactly what I aim to achieve to help us carry on our training in a better condition whether their aim is to lose weight, gain muscle/strength, toning and so on. They also gain mental strength as a result of seeing what they can actually achieve which then gives confidence and joy to deal with the stress of the day, particularly in the city!

I train my clients who have endurance-based goals more intensely on strength and conditioning. Strength is the most important element for me in fitness as we all need strength regardless of our goal. Physical strength will help anyone with posture, daily activities, dealing with changes in our body due to age, dealing with our children, and it will give us mental strength.


“A strong body makes the mind strong”

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