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Pre and Post Natal Training

There are many benefits of pre- and post-natal training:

• Boost your energy

• Help you sleep better

• Lower your risk of certain pregnancy-related complications

• Reduce pregnancy discomfort

• Prepare for childbirth

• Reduce stress and lift your spirits

• Improve your self-image

• Get your body back faster after childbirth



We all would like be fit, healthy and in a good shape at any point in our life, but particularly while planning and during pregnancy. Our health and fitness is very important - however bringing another healthy human being to this world is even more important. Making sure we look after them before and during pregnancy will shape their physical and mental health. Before pregnancy to have the best possible eggs that we can create, and during pregnancy to make sure they get enough oxygen and benefit from the food that we eat in a best possible way


During pregnancy you can carry on training as normal with a few restrictions unless you have been told not to exercise by your doctor.




Congratulations, the little one arrived! It's time to enjoy the first experiences with them. These can be challenging times, with breast-feeding, sleepless nights, colic and so on, but it's very important to remember to enjoy and capture those moments because they will last you and your little one for a lifetime.

You have three months of rest to recover from the birth experience or, if you had a caesarian, then about six months.


If you had complications and your doctor had advised you differently, you or your personal trainer need to adapt accordingly.


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