Price List

Personal Training: At Fitcity personal training I will provide and instruct you with most suitable exercise plan according to your fitness levels and goals. During our consultation session we will measure fitness levels, strengths and weaknesses through fitness test. We will then action an effective personal trainings session/program whatever your choice may be to achieve the desired result. Thorough my experience and motivational skills I am confident to see positive changes within 4-6 weeks and that will be our motivation as well as fun we will be having during our sessions. I can also pass on my knowledge on sports nutrition and healthy lifestyle if required.

Online Personal Training: All included above can be actioned at online personal training session for the clients who may be located in distance to not be able travel or who have busy lives to spare time to travel or who may just prefer that way. We can always meet at our consultation session to action necessary procedures then carry on with the technology.

Boxercise: The Boxercise; one of the most effective workout in many areas if used wisely. Please see wider information on the Boxercise window, I spared more space for this particular workout as I favour it.

Nutritional Advice: While I was qualifying for personal training I also completed a sports nutrition course, I am happy to advise you on your diet according to your current food diary to speed up to process on your health and fitness goals if you willing to work with me on that.


Free 45 Minutes Consultation/Workout: Consultation meeting will take place before any further personal training session to identify the individual’s fitness levels, health state, goals to prepare and agree on the most suitable action.

Single Session: £60

Buy 15 sessions a month for  £750 (save £150)

Buy 10 sessions a moth for £500 (save £100)

Buy 9 sessions over 10 weeks for £550 (save £50)

Unlimited personal trainer per month: £950 (save as much as you can!!)

Sports Nutrition: There is no additional charge for this service for clients who take up personal training as it motivates my clients further as well as my passion to achieve success.

** Discount can be offered on the above price list if the individual can attend on the off peak time, please ask for further details.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sport performance. The role of the S&C coach is to bridge the gap between the theory of training and applied training, helping athletes to become faster, stronger and more flexible and to build their muscular endurance so they perform better and remain injury free.

Strength and Conditioning is about more than lifting weights – it encompasses the entire development of the athlete and what is needed to improve physical performance. This includes plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance and core stability with strength training being just one piece of the jigsaw.

A Strength and conditioning coaches works alongside a sports coach to assist them in designing specific programmes that will address the particular need of the athlete, team and sport. There are many ways a well constructed programme can add to the rehabilitation, speed, agility, endurance and strength of the athletes – a periodised programme that targets both strengths and weaknesses will produce the best possible performance.