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Personal Training:

At At Fitcity personal training I will provide with, and instruct you in, the most suitable exercise plan according to your fitness level and goals. During our consultation session we will measure fitness levels, strengths and weaknesses thorough fitness test. We will then action an effective personal training sessions program whatever your choice may be to achieve the desired result. Through my experience and motivational skills I am confident you will see positive changes within 4-6 weeks and that will be our motivation as well the fun we will be having during our sessions. I can also pass on my knowledge on sports nutrition and healthy lifestyle as required.

Online Personal Training:

Coversall of above except that these services can be accessed online at a distance. These online personal training sessions are for clients who may be located at a distance, not able travel, lead busy lives or who may just prefer it that way. We can always meet at our consultation session to action necessary procedures then monitor progress at a distance via technology.


The Boxercise is one of the most effective workouts for cardio, resistance, flexibility, strength and stress release when used correctly. For further information please see the Boxercise window. I have a special window for this workout as it is my favorite.

Nutritional Advice:

While I was qualifying for personal training I also completed a sports nutrition course, I am happy to advise you on your diet according to your current food diary to speed up the overall exercise effectiveness and achieve your health and fitness goals quicker if you are willing to work with me.

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