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I started training with Gokce at a time when I had never felt worse about myself. I had gained weight and had physical issues that impacted what I could do and made me feel like my relationship with exercise was over.
Over three years, Gokce has challenged and motivated me. We have built up and worked around my limitations, to the point where I have lifted weights and done exercises that I never thought I would be capable of. During lockdown, we moved to online sessions – her imagination and energy showed me that you can keep going, even without the fancy equipment. And she can see if you’re not giving it your all, even over screen!

—Jenny Davies

I began training with Gokce in July of 2013. My original goal was to improve my strength, stamina and to become leaner, I have noticed my strength and all round fitness really improving, part of my workout routine includes eating well to achieve the result I want and also supplementing my training with Gokce with additional sessions on my own at least 3 times a week under her guidance. Gokce is very helpful in giving me excellent training and nutritional information during and outside the weekly session I have with her, she has really kept me motivated which has been a key component in helping me reach my goals. 

—Peter Wightwick

I really appreciate how Gokce listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a varied workout regime for me. I am pregnant so I can’t do anything too strenuous but she was sensitive, reassuring and understanding. She works me hard and it would have been easy to give in but her motivation and enthusiasm was a real driving force to help me persevere. She is such a knowledgeable and personable personal trainer that I trust and value her guidance to drive me forward.


Gokce was recommended to me by a good friend who also works in the City.  Straight away I enjoyed the sessions more than working out alone (or with friends) and got far more out of them.  I was able to see results quickly which  always makes things easier!  I have a busy life with a new-born baby and a job that changes day-to-day but Gokce was flexible and able to work round me (despite a few last minute cancellations by me!) to train at different times and days.  I told her I needed “more carrot and less stick” but she wasn’t very sympathetic!  We get on well together and the sessions are great fun. I would certainly recommend her to friends and colleagues (and indeed have!) —Michael Corcoran

I started training with Gokce in in the lead up to my wedding. From the first session I had complete trust that she would help me achieve my goals. Gokce is extremely knowledgeable and cuts to the chase with what you need to work on - which is great! She knows just the right amount to push you, her sessions are fun and she genuinely cares about her clients. I built tone and strength where I never had it before, without bulking up, and I have never felt better. I am also much more confident strolling into the weights session of the gym! A few months into training I started receiving comments on how "amazing" my arms and legs were looking, and by the time my wedding came around I was in the best shape of my life! I have definition in my arms, legs, back and core and I have slimmed down all over. I have kept training with her since the wedding - I love her sessions and she is great at keeping me motivated! —Nariah Goldring

Training with Gokce through a combination of boxing, weights and resistance training has strengthened my core fitness, made me a stronger runner and significantly decreased my recovery time after exercise. She listens to - and anticipates - my training needs and works with me to get the best results, not only advising on fitness, but diet and lifestyle too. Through her open, straight-talking and fun attitude, she's deft at instilling confidence and making working out enjoyable...when it used to fill me with dread! I'm looking forward to running my third marathon this year, and can really feel the benefit of my training with Gokce with every run.

—Laura Mitchell

I have only been training with Gokce for a few months (as part of a dreaded wedding fitness diet!) but already I am stronger, fitter and faster – the physical changes are already noticeable, which is all I really care about! She has an excellent understanding of personal goals and is recognises personal capabilities: she adapts the training to suit you and build your strength and stamina slowly. The boxing is calories more fun way to burn fat than running, and produces incredible endorphins! I never realise how much energy I have exerted until after the session. The technique is taking me a bit of time to master but luckily Gokce is patient! I am looking forward to the end results!

—Evie Meleagros

I began training with Gokce when I was 4 weeks pregnant as I had always gone to the gym but was lacking in motivation and unsure what exercises would be safe for the baby and I. Due to the tailored and specific exercises that Gokce gave me, I ended up more toned whilst pregnant than I had been beforehand and put on very little weight. I was able to train until the week before the baby came and am now back training post baby to try and reach my new goals. Gokce has a very direct approach and her bespoke sessions kept me motivated and energised if not a little hot and puffed out!

—Laura Louise

Gokce is simply amazing; effortlessly patient and inspiring but able to be tough when she needs to be. Her real talent is teaching perfect form in whatever she instructs and so she as brilliant with beginners as she is with advanced trainers looking move to the next level. Is had been a pleasure to work with her for 3 years

—Sarah Mansell

I was very reluctant about getting a personal trainer partly because of my lack of understanding. I just went to the gym and did some running which I found very boring. Having met Gokce at my gym I decided to give it a try. After going for 2 session each week for the last 8 weeks the results have really surprised me. I feel much stronger and firmer and have definition where I never had it before. The biggest change being that I now actually have a waist. I believe this is due to the boxing which is included in one session each week. The results of this are really amazing. Gokce is both professional and engaging. She is very passionate and knowledgeable. There is a structure to her sessions and I find each workout challenging and creative. The time goes by very quickly and it can be very good fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gokce as a personal trainer and will be doing so.

—Brid Fitzgerald

Before starting to train with Gokce, I had been stuck in the same routine at the gym for months and had stopped seeing any results. From the first session, Gokce introduced varied exercises tailored to my fitness goals. No two training sessions are the same, and I am always challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone (in a good way!). Boxing in particular is great fun! I feel so much more energetic than I used to when I was training on my own, and my strength and stamina have improved significantly. I've also noticed improvements in my posture and overall body tone - and I am looking forward to seeing further improvements in time for summer holidays!


I am not a natural athlete, exercise reluctantly and need more motivation than most - not a very enticing prospect for most trainers. However at our initial session Gokce was not at all phased. She was positive and quietly but very effectively got me working hard. There was no unnecessary chat or fancy language. I found myself motivated by her combination of helpful tips and encouragement and she has spurred me on to great heights. It is clear from seeing Gokce in the gym everyday that she is very popular, a "go to trainer" who works effectively with all sorts of people, not just the super fit.

—Paul Sandford

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